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Boxcom email: 26th Feb 2016, Fibre Optic Broadband Service is now live and ready for use!

posted 7 Mar 2016, 12:40 by David Carlisle

Dear Sir/Madam

Please find attached a Step by Step guide on how to activate your Gigaclear fibre optic broadband service, it cannot be used until these steps have been completed.  

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 03302 000 003, or alternatively you may contact the Gigaclear Customer Care Team on 01865 59 1131.

Yours sincerely,

Leah Elmes

Provisioning Support Co-ordinator

Boxcom Synergy Ltd

Gigaclear Update: 16th Feb 2016

posted 16 Feb 2016, 07:35 by David Carlisle

We're getting close to finishing our ultrafast, pure fibre network in Souldern. The cabinet is live and we now need to get your home connected.

The current schedule is as follows:

The fibre broadband connection points ('pots') that we are installing at the boundary of each property will be tested by our engineers. The testing of the 'pots' will take place from February 2016 through to the end of March 2016.

Once the 'pots' have been tested, the service will be useable and customers will be able to start booking their in-property installation. 
We anticipate the Gigaclear broadband network to be fully built by the end of March 2016.

Please note that we cannot forecast the exact date when individual properties will be connected, but we will keep you informed as work progresses.

Whilst we aim to complete our work by these estimated dates, they may be subject to change due to external factors that are not under our control.

There are two types of in-property installations available

Gigaclear approved installers

With the in-property installation option, you will be contacted directly by our approved installation partner, Boxcom, who will agree and book an installation appointment with you. Alternatively, you can book an appointment by following this link:


If you choose the self-install option, we will contact you to verify the cable length you require (the distance between your fibre 'pot' and the location required for the router in your property) and inform you when the self-install kit will be despatched*.

Activating your service

Once the in-property installation has been successfully completed, you will receive your individual activation e-mail which outlines the steps you need to take to activate the service. 

Note: Gigaclear cannot activate your service or provide individual customers a specific go-live date even if you have been ‘pre-installed’, until all the fibre connection and testing works have completed between your property and our equipment, and your direct debit has been validated.

For updates, follow us on:
Twitter: @Gigaclear

Yours sincerely,

The Gigaclear Team

Gigaclear Update: 15th Jan 2016

posted 17 Jan 2016, 05:55 by David Carlisle

Update from Gigaclear Project Manager 15/01/16

The Gigaclear contractors are currently working up to the backhaul connection on the main road to Aynho.

This is where Gigaclear will pick up the feed for Souldern and they anticipate connection by 29thJanuary.

 The contractors will then drop back into the village to complete Network build works which will take about another week. On completion one of the Gigaclear Civils supervisors will carry out a “walk through” with the contractor to identify any snagging issues and assess if any remedial works are necessary. Gigaclear have invited members of the Souldern Parish Council to attend this walk around, and it is intended that at least two councillors join them.

 If you have an issue with any of the works that Gigaclear have undertaken in the immediate vicinity of your property or elsewhere in the village, please either contact Gigaclear directly before they complete works or alternatively contact or, and they will make sure that Gigaclear are made aware of the situation. It is very likely that you will be contacted for further information regarding any problem.

All works are expected to be completed by end of 1st week in February and we will be furnished with an accurate “going live” date as soon as it has been confirmed, which will be passed on to the village immediately.

The contact number for David Thrower, who is the Gigaclear Project manager for Souldern, is 07789 543019. Not as shown in the latest Parish newsletter 07789 54301, apologies for any confusion caused.

Gigaclear email: 15th December 2015, Programme of Work

posted 16 Dec 2015, 03:06 by David Carlisle

Further to our meeting [with Souldern Parish Council] on Friday please see below points raised:


·         Works to begin on High street at Wharf Lane end on Wed 16th December and work back towards centre of High street

·         Gang working on Foxhill Lane should emerge onto High street also and work in front of 1st crew.

·         All excavations to be completed by 18th December and reinstatement of all live works to be completed by 21st

·         All spoil and barriers, works to be closed down 21st December and re-starting on Monday 4th January

·         Aim to complete all works beginning of February

·         When working , crews will endeavour to maintain access wherever possible.Please feel free to discuss any access issues with crews directly or contact myself.

·         Where possible all trenches will be permanently reinstated the same day, where this is not  possible it will be the following day and any excavations will be barriered off.

·         We will make sure that where there are risks to existing stone walls we will investigate relocating routes, however you will be covered under our public liability if our works directly undermine or damage structures.

·         We are happy to discuss the siting of pots if once it is marked you deem it not fit for purpose. This should be called in to our customer service team who can relay to our design team.

·         Gigaclear will carry out snagging visit on completion of all works , this will ensure all verge,highway and footway reinstatement are restored to their former state and to a standard deemed suitable by OCC Highways inspectors.


If you feel I have missed anything from our discussion please feel free to call me with any concerns.


Kind Regards,


David Thrower |Project Manager  
Gigaclear plc

Gigaclear email: 4th Dec 2015

posted 4 Dec 2015, 04:19 by David Carlisle

Coming soon: ultrafast fibre broadband

Excellent news! Your Gigaclear ultrafast fibre broadband service is on its way! Our contractors have now started building your fibre-optic network in your community.

Here's a quick look at what we will be doing in your local area as we continue to build the network. 

Building the network

The network will be entirely underground, so our contractors will need to dig trenches in roads, pavements and verges.

We will let you know when we will be working in your street. During the works, please keep roadsides and verges clear so our contractors have the access they need.

Points to note

  • We will install a fibre-optic network connection point at the boundary of your property. You'll be able to connect as soon as the network is live.
  • Once the construction is finished, only the cabinets near the network centre and the lid over the connection point at each property boundary will be visible. Everything else will be underground.
  • Full reinstatement of all affected areas will be made on completing the network build to highways agency standards.  

The current schedule is as follows:

  • The fibre broadband connection points (pots) at the boundary of each property will be tested and expected to be useable by our customers between the beginning of February 2016 and the end of March 2016.
  • We anticipate the Gigaclear network build to be completed by the end of March 2016.

Note: Dates may be subject to change if external factors beyond our control prevent us from carrying out our works.

We will also keep you up to date on what's happening throughout the build. If you have any questions, please get in contact as we will be happy to help.

To place an order visit:

For more information:

For updates, follow us on:
Twitter: @Gigaclear

Yours sincerely,

The Gigaclear Team

Gigaclear email: 27th Nov 2015

posted 29 Nov 2015, 13:30 by David Carlisle

Congratulations, ultrafast broadband
is on its way

We are delighted to announce that Souldern has reached the number of orders needed to secure the Gigaclear ultrafast fibre broadband network! The construction of your new network actually started today (27th November 2015), with our contractors surveying the routes. A full schedule of the rollout of this project will be published shortly, but works will commence next week.

Demonstration Day
In the meantime, Gigaclear is hosting an official Demonstration Day at Aynho Village Hall on Saturday 28th November (tomorrow) from 11.00am until 4.30pm. Come along and try our ultrafast broadband speeds for yourself!

Don't forget to register your attendance at:

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our local supporters who have worked extremely hard to secure better broadband for your area.

What will Gigaclear do next?
Our entire network is installed underground. The only items visible once we have completed the works will be the lids of the underground connection points installed at the boundary of every property. Gigaclear will install an underground fibre connection point outside every property we pass, not just those that sign up as customers. This is because we will only perform the digging work once, and we do not want to have to come back and dig again in the future. The fibres we install are designed to be in the ground for 50 years, and so provide a future proofed investment for the community. The connection point itself looks exactly the same as a water meter/stop-cock pot. There is no cost to have the connection point installed, so those that have not signed up for the service, will have one installed at the boundary of their property at no cost.

Just before installation starts you will see a paint spot appear outside your property. This is the marker for the location of the Gigaclear connection point so that our contractors know where to install. If there is a problem with this location, please notify us by emailing us at: or calling the office directly on: 01865 591131. The location for the connection point (pot) is determined based on the route of the cables, and we are not always able to accommodate requests for changes to the location.

How will the works progress?
There will be a number of trenches dug along some pavements, verges and roads, together with a number of road crossings. The contractors perform this job for other utilities and are familiar with this type of work and how to avoid other services such as water and gas etc. Our network cables are not buried as deeply as the other services so there should be no reason that existing services are disturbed. There will be some cases where the trench has to be temporarily filled whilst waiting for other work to complete; in this case, you will see that the finish is not to normal standards. Once the other works are complete, the grounds will be reinstated to the Highways Agency standards.

There are a number of stages to this project that involve some areas having to be worked on for longer than others. These will include several ‘pits’ that will need to be left open for several weeks as the fibres all meet in these pits, to then be connected together. Once the connections are complete, the pits are closed and we should not need to reopen them under normal circumstances. Whilst the pits are open, they will of course be protected with appropriate barriers for personal safety as well as equipment safety.

When will you take any money from customers?
Customers will not be charged anything until the service is installed and working in their property. At that point, we will collect the connection fee, any remainder of the current months service rental and the next months rental in advance. For customers who are 'self installing', we will need to collect your connection fee before your kit is shipped to you. You will be contacted beforehand to confirm this. Please note that for 'self install' customers your service subscription starts automatically two weeks after your kit has been delivered.  

How do I make best use of the service?
If you are a customer and have not done so already, please download your customer welcome pack from here, as this will give you useful and important information about what to do and where best to have your router installed.

What about Telephony?
For new customers who are not already using the Vonage telephone service, you can find information about their telephone services by visiting or call them free of charge on 0808 178 9620. If you tell them you are a Gigaclear customer they will waive the connection fee saving you £10. Please DO NOT sign up to Vonage until your Gigaclear service has been installed. They are very efficient and once you have signed up your telephone adapter will generally arrive within 2 days and then you start paying your monthly subscription.   
We thank you again for your support and patience with this project.

Yours sincerely,

The Gigaclear Team


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