Gigaclear email: 27th Nov 2015

posted 29 Nov 2015, 13:30 by David Carlisle
Congratulations, ultrafast broadband
is on its way

We are delighted to announce that Souldern has reached the number of orders needed to secure the Gigaclear ultrafast fibre broadband network! The construction of your new network actually started today (27th November 2015), with our contractors surveying the routes. A full schedule of the rollout of this project will be published shortly, but works will commence next week.

Demonstration Day
In the meantime, Gigaclear is hosting an official Demonstration Day at Aynho Village Hall on Saturday 28th November (tomorrow) from 11.00am until 4.30pm. Come along and try our ultrafast broadband speeds for yourself!

Don't forget to register your attendance at:

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our local supporters who have worked extremely hard to secure better broadband for your area.

What will Gigaclear do next?
Our entire network is installed underground. The only items visible once we have completed the works will be the lids of the underground connection points installed at the boundary of every property. Gigaclear will install an underground fibre connection point outside every property we pass, not just those that sign up as customers. This is because we will only perform the digging work once, and we do not want to have to come back and dig again in the future. The fibres we install are designed to be in the ground for 50 years, and so provide a future proofed investment for the community. The connection point itself looks exactly the same as a water meter/stop-cock pot. There is no cost to have the connection point installed, so those that have not signed up for the service, will have one installed at the boundary of their property at no cost.

Just before installation starts you will see a paint spot appear outside your property. This is the marker for the location of the Gigaclear connection point so that our contractors know where to install. If there is a problem with this location, please notify us by emailing us at: or calling the office directly on: 01865 591131. The location for the connection point (pot) is determined based on the route of the cables, and we are not always able to accommodate requests for changes to the location.

How will the works progress?
There will be a number of trenches dug along some pavements, verges and roads, together with a number of road crossings. The contractors perform this job for other utilities and are familiar with this type of work and how to avoid other services such as water and gas etc. Our network cables are not buried as deeply as the other services so there should be no reason that existing services are disturbed. There will be some cases where the trench has to be temporarily filled whilst waiting for other work to complete; in this case, you will see that the finish is not to normal standards. Once the other works are complete, the grounds will be reinstated to the Highways Agency standards.

There are a number of stages to this project that involve some areas having to be worked on for longer than others. These will include several ‘pits’ that will need to be left open for several weeks as the fibres all meet in these pits, to then be connected together. Once the connections are complete, the pits are closed and we should not need to reopen them under normal circumstances. Whilst the pits are open, they will of course be protected with appropriate barriers for personal safety as well as equipment safety.

When will you take any money from customers?
Customers will not be charged anything until the service is installed and working in their property. At that point, we will collect the connection fee, any remainder of the current months service rental and the next months rental in advance. For customers who are 'self installing', we will need to collect your connection fee before your kit is shipped to you. You will be contacted beforehand to confirm this. Please note that for 'self install' customers your service subscription starts automatically two weeks after your kit has been delivered.  

How do I make best use of the service?
If you are a customer and have not done so already, please download your customer welcome pack from here, as this will give you useful and important information about what to do and where best to have your router installed.

What about Telephony?
For new customers who are not already using the Vonage telephone service, you can find information about their telephone services by visiting or call them free of charge on 0808 178 9620. If you tell them you are a Gigaclear customer they will waive the connection fee saving you £10. Please DO NOT sign up to Vonage until your Gigaclear service has been installed. They are very efficient and once you have signed up your telephone adapter will generally arrive within 2 days and then you start paying your monthly subscription.   
We thank you again for your support and patience with this project.

Yours sincerely,

The Gigaclear Team