Wesleyan Chapel

Preachers for April

2nd. April. 6.00pm. Mr. Ken Stallard.
9th. April. 6.00.pm. Palm Sunday. Mr. Malcolm Wainwright.
16th April 6.0 pm. Easter Sunday. Mr. R. Adkins..
23rd. April 6.00.pm. Mr. I. Timmis.
30th. April. Supporting Fritwell Chapel.

Present Officers

Secretary and Senior Steward: Rev. John W. Goulder. Th.M.
Treasurer: Mrs. Audrey Westbury.
2nd. Steward: Mr. Aubrey Reeve.


Mr. Aubrey Reeve. Mr. Geoffrey W. Keen.
Mr. Geoffrey C. Reeve. Mrs. Audrey Westbury.
Mrs. M. Joan Reeve. Mrs. Evelyn Lake.
Rev. John W. Goulder. Mrs. Margaret Goulder.

Chapel News

Two thousand years ago on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem the people welcomed Jesus as the King with their songs of praise. In Holy week they saw Jesus facing the unjust trials and the cruelty of soldiers and people alike. On Good Friday they witnessed the awful crucifixion of Jesus, the Saviour bearing the sins of all men in His body. On Easter Day, the day of joyful celebration, Jesus was raised from the dead by Almighty God. His work of gaining salvation was accomplished for all time and for all people.

Easter Day can be summed up in three short statements that comes from the witness of the disciples of Jesus. They thought He was dead. They heard He was alive. They met the Living Christ.

A commentator from the past said, “Easter cannot be proved, argued, debated, and solved (in mere human terms). Easter has to be experienced, felt and lived. The Living Lord must be confronted on the road we travel.”

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the Lord Jesus has promised resurrection to all who put their trust in him. For the joy of the resurrection is for today and for everyday. Happy Easter.

Rev. John.

John Goulder, from The Three Parishes, April 2017