Wesleyan Chapel

Preachers for March

4th. March @ 2.30 p.m. Preacher Mr. Alan Peters.

11th March @ 2.30 p.m. Joint Mother's’Day Service at the Chapel Speaker: Miss Beryl Gree.

18th March @ 2.30.p.m. Mr. Ken Stallard.

25th. March @ 2.30.p.m. Mike Milmine. St. Ebbs. Oxford.

30th March @10.00.a.m. Joint Good Friday Service at Fritwell Chapel. Mrs. Wendy Maanley.

Present Officers

Secretary, Treasurer and Senior Steward: Rev. John W. Goulder. Th.M.

Organist: Mrs Margaret Goulder


Mr. Geoffrey C. Reeve. Mrs. Evelyn Lake.
Rev. John W. Goulder. Mrs. Margaret Goulder.

Chapel News

Some time ago a car pulled up beside me and the driver asked me for how to get to a named house. I had to apologise that I could not help them, even though I am involved in the work of the Chapel. I am still a visitor even in some ways stranger. I might know quite a few people in the village, the main streets and lanes but I could not direct them to the house where they wanted to be.

We are in the days of Lent leading into Holy Week. It is an opportunity for a time of personal spiritual reflection, a time to consider the person and the loving sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and to make a commitment or a rededication to Him

The St. Mary's Parish Church and the Wesleyan Chapel are here to help show the way to God, how to have a loving relationship with Him through Jesus, to share with them the Bible’s teaching concerning living the Christian life; Also, to encourage concern, to give comfort and loving support to all who have need. I want to be more than a stranger in this respect and I would ask that all who read these thoughts would be more than a visitor and stranger to God, to His Church and the needs of our neighbours.

Rev. John.

John Goulder, from The Three Parishes, March 2018