Wesleyan Chapel


1st July @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. A. Cotton
8th July @ 6.00 p.m. Mrs. D. Williams
15th July @ 6.00 p.m. Rev. G. Price
22nd July @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. J. Neil
22nd July @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. K. Stallard
5th August @ 6.00 p.m. Fritwell Chapel
12th August @ 6.00 p.m. Fritwell Chapel
19th August @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. A. Peters
26th August @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. D. Lingwood
2nd September @ 6.00 p.m. TBA
9th September @ 6.00 p.m. Fritwell HF
16th September @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. G. Pearce
23rd September @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. R Adkins HF
30th September @ 6.00 p.m. Mr. S. Haley

Present Officers

Secretary, Treasurer and Senior Steward: Rev. John W. Goulder. Th.M.


Mr. Geoffrey C. Reeve. Mrs. Evelyn Lake.
Rev. John W. Goulder.

Chapel News

I would like to invite you to our Sunday School and Chapel Anniversary on Sunday 17th June at 2.30.pm.

The service will be followed by our usual refreshments.

Our special guest speaker is the Rev. Maurice Nicholls. He  was  our  Group  Minister  in  the  seventies.  He  has served in many of our Churches and Chapels throughout the Country. He has also been our National President in past years.

There has been a Chapel and Sunday school in the village for almost 150 years. With your support we would like to see our work for God continue.

We  are  part  of  a  National  group  of  Churches  spread throughout the  Country. We  hold  to  the  teaching  of John  Wesley  and  are  locally  free  and  self-governing, hence the general name ‘Free Church’.

So if you have shared with us in the past, or have not yet shared with us, why not accept this invitation? You will be warmly received.

Rev. John.

John Goulder, from The Three Parishes, June 2018