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A hopefully complete list of postcodes and house names in the village.

OX25 6LR (Somerton Road)
The Lodge, Hill House
OX25 6LS (Somerton Road)
Breeze Cottage; Hill House; Barn Cottage, Hill House; New Cottage, Hill House; Lower Souldern Grounds; Tack Cottage
OX27 7HS (Somerton Road)
Inkerman Barn; Inkerman Farm; Inkerman House
OX27 7HT (B4100)
A E Prentice, Souldern Gate; Burgess, Souldern Gate; K Scaffolding, Souldern Gate; Tollgate Cottage
OX27 7HU (Church Lane)
St Mary's Church; Rectory Cottage; Smiths Cottage; The Old Rectory
OX27 7HX (Tusmore Road)
Crooks Firs; Crooks Firs Cottage
OX27 7HY (Tusmore Road)
1, Tower Farm Cottages; Tower Fields; Tower House
OX27 7HZ (B4100)
Bear Cottage; Ploughley Cottage; The Old Stables;
OX27 7JA (The Hill)
1–4, The Turnpike
OX27 7JB (Bovewell)
1–22, Bovewell; Village Hall
OX27 7JD (The Hill)
Ardeen House; Argyll House; Bowling Leas; Hill View Cottage; Holly Cottage; Mount Pleasant; Trelawne
OX27 7JE (The Hill)
Above the Well Cottage; Highland Cottage; Hill Cottage; Hillside; Oakley Cottage; Pond Cottage; Rock Cottage; The Cottage; The Rock
OX27 7JF (Back Lane)
Alley Cottage; Hollies Farm; Spring Cottage; Spring House; Wesleyan Reform Chapel
OX27 7JH (Back lane)
Court Cottage; Souldern Court
OX27 7JJ (High Street)
The Old Bakery, 1, High Street; Little Slam, 5, High Street; Dodgers Cottage; Mallards
OX27 7JL (High Street)
Barn House; Beech House; Dovecote; Manor Farm; Manor Farm Barn; Steeple House; Stone Haven; The Granary; The Potting Shed; Treetops
OX27 7JN (High Street)
Mullions; The Coach House; The Hermitage; The Old School; The Wall House
OX27 7JP (High Street)
Anvil Cottage; Barn House; Bulls Head Garage; Deep Well Cottage; Kenchs Cottage; Foxhill House; Grandpas Barn; Little Slam; Nutcracker Cottage; Old Forge; Portland Cottage; Post Office Cottage; Ryleens; The Cottage; Timber Cottage; Tudor Cottage; Pye Cottage
OX27 7JQ (Church Lane)
3, Church Lane; Granny Cottage, Church Lane
OX27 7JR (Chapel Row)
1–5, Chapel Row; Appleton Lodge
OX27 7JT (Bates Lane)
Garden Cottage; Manor Bungalow; Souldern Manor
OX27 7JU (Bates Lane)
5 Bates Lane; Acume House; Applegarth; Bowcombe House; Callows Cottage; Cider Cottage; Crown Cottage; Dovecote; Keepers Cottage; Greystones; Halfpenny Cottage; Home Farm House; Littlecot; Olde Saddlers Cottage; Rose Cottage; Silver Find Cottage; Stable Cottage; Sunrise Cottage; Sunset Cottage; The Brambles; The Orchard; Westend House; Willow Cottage; Yew Cottage
OX27 7JW (Fox Lane)
1, Fox Lane; Avondale; Fairview; Fox Inn; The Swan House
OX27 7JX (Somerton Road)
Leycroft Barn
OX27 7JY
Souldern Grounds Farm
OX27 7JZ (Foxhill Lane)
Acacia Bungalow; Cheviot; Circles; Daleview; Dovetail; Fox Hill; Fox Hollies; Gibbs Field House; Pleasant View; Rosecroft; Stone Croft; Sul-Thorn; Sunnybank; Tchure House; Toosan; Willow House
OX27 7LA (High Street)
Cedar House; Park House; Park Lodge; Rest Harrow; Souldern House; Souldern House Cottage; St. Josephs
OX27 7LB (Mill Lane)
Hackertys Way; Souldern Mill
OX27 7LD (Wharf Lane)
1–4, Wharf Lane
OX27 7LE (Wharf Lane)
Wharf Farm; Wharf Farm Cottage
OX27 7LF
Souldern Manor Estate
OX27 7LG (The Paddocks)
The Orchard, 1, The Paddocks; 2,3,5 The Paddocks; Foxglove House, 4, The Paddocks
OX27 7LJ (High Street)
1–4, The Old Stores
OX27 7LQ (Cotswold Court)
1–4, Cotswold Court