United Charity

Aims & Activities

The Charity provides relief for people residing in the parish of Souldern who are in need, hardship or distress. It provides some housing accommodation, can make grants and can provide goods or services.

Public address

Mrs Carolyn Couzens, 2 Cotswold Court, Souldern, Bicester, OX27 7LQ
Tel: 01869 346694


General charitable purposes:

  • Education/training
  • The advancement of health or saving of lives
  • The prevention or relief of poverty
  • Accommodation/housing
  • Amateur sport
  • Environment/conservation/heritage
  • Economic/community development/employment

The charity aims to help: Children/young people, the elderly, people with disabilities, Other charities or voluntary bodies, and The general public.

The Charity makes grants to individuals and organisations, provides other finance and provides buildings/facilities/open space.

A local Charitable Trust set up and administered to provide financial help, support and relief in a private manner to residents and affiliates of the village community. Anyone in need who would benefit from financial assistance, perhaps towards purchase of tools, books, equip- ment, etc. can request help either directly themselves or by proxy nomination through another Souldern resident. Help has been given previously for;

  • Educational benefit to students or school leavers moving into higher education or undertaking apprentice- ships.
  • Promoting personal development and betterment.
  • Alleviating hardship in exceptional times of need, including Christmas Vouchers for some residents over 60 or in particular distress; (PLEASE APPLY FOR AS BELOW, IF NOT ALREADY IN RECEIPT)
  • Contributing towards expenses incurred with frequent hospital visits.
  • Enabling useful employment to be gained or maintained.

Please apply in writing to Carol Couzens, Charity Secre-tary, 2 Cotswold Court, Souldern, OX277LQ , outlining the particular case you wish to highlight and the committee will be pleased to consider it confidentially and sympathetically, within the Charity guidelines. Other trustees who can be contacted for information are; Chris Rothero, Norma Jones, Geoff Price, David Blunt and Sue Medhurst, who is also your contact point for allocation of available allotments


Are you:

  • About to begin an apprenticeship or other job related training programme?
  • Moving into higher or further education?
  • Part way through your degree or other qualification?
  • Attending evening classes to learn vocational or career skills?

This local charitable trust supports local people who need financial help. In the recent past the Trust has helped Souldern residents who wish to learn new skills or carry out a trade in a number of ways:

  • Helping with the purchase of books vital to a higher education course
  • Helping a young school leaver planning to attend a college course in music
  • Contributing towards tools needed for an apprenticeship.

The charity aims to support Souldern residents but may also consider people who have a strong connection with the village.

To find out more contact any of the trustees;
Carol Couzens, Norma Jones, Jan Martin, David Blunt, Sue Medhurst and Chris Rothero.