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William James CALLOW Arthur John LAKE Memorial 1914–18


Stoker, 2nd Class, HMS Laforey, Royal Navy. RN no. K/37983

He was killed at sea on 23 March 1917. He was 36. He was the son of Thomas William and Elizabeth Day of Souldern He is remembered on panel 24 of the Chatham Naval Memorial.

Additional Information

During 1917, operations in the English Channel became more dangerous as enemy units became more adventurous in their operations against the link between Britain and France. Just four days before Laforey was lost, a raid by German destroyers sank the destroyer HMS Paragon with all but 10 hands. On 23 March 1917, HMS Laforey and her sister ship, HMS Laertes were escorting several cargo ships to France, using the Folkstone to Boulogne route. The merchant ships arrived safely, but at around 16:30 hours and after the destroyers had begun the return trip, a large explosion occurred amidships on HMS Laforey. The ship immediately broke in half, and the stern sank rapidly. The bow remained afloat for a short time, during which HMS Laertes struggled to rescue survivors. Only 18 of the 77 aboard survived.

William James CALLOW Arthur John LAKE Memorial 1914–18