In 1989 the booklet ‘Souldern Self Portrait of a Village’ was published as the direct result of a village questionnaire which was used to gather information on a variety of topics relevant to Souldern and which could be used when considering what changes should be supported or opposed.

Since 1989 the dynamics of the village have changed considerably, and as a result of these changes our needs and aspirations have also changed however the aim of the 2015 questionnaire is the same as in 1989.

We now have the M40 motorway which means that it is easier and faster to get from A to B, resulting in a large number of the working population commuting to and from work, and routinely shopping and travelling further afield.

Home computing and mobile phones have hugely influenced and transformed our lives, allowing people to work and run businesses from home. Social media has revolutionised the world of communication and keeping in touch en mass at the click of a button.

The flow of people in and out of the village, and in fact the country, has changed the face of society as a whole over the years. The need for constant development to provide housing means that the decisions that are being made by higher authorities have the potential threat of serious impact on our way of life in rural villages. This document is therefore intended as a plan for the future of the village of Souldern; to provide for our needs and to identify what is important to us. To understand what needs fighting for and what doesn’t when faced with plans and decision making for the future.