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Souldern Village Advent Trail 2021

We are, once again, hoping to create a trail through the village, adding a new window for every day in December. We are looking for people who would like to create a simple feature in a window of their home for one allocated date.

This is a seasonal event for anyone in the village community and windows can feature any scenes, symbols or objects associated with the time of year. The trail will end at the church with a display for Christmas Eve.

Please let Heidi know by Monday 8th November if you would like to create a display in a window in your home to feature in the trail by joining the ‘Souldern Advent Trail’ What’sApp group or writing a note to Anvil Cottage, High Street. Allocated dates will be published in mid November.

Do pass this poster and information on to anyone you think might like to take part!

View PDF poster

Souldern Village Advent Trail Extra Information

✴ We will create a trail, adding a new window for every day in December. Once the window is in the trail, it stays there, so that by the 24th December there are 24 windows with an object or scene, much like an advent calendar with all the windows open.

✴ The display can be a single item or a scene that represents the season from your point of view. It can be related to Christmas or another festival in December, winter, hope, community, peace, support or friendship.

✴ The number of the date in December that has been allocated to the window should feature somehow, whether as part of the scene or separately.

✴ The window chosen should be seen from the road

✴ Some windows may be better viewed by day, some by night. It need not matter which.

✴ People may choose to see each new window on the day it appears, or to pick up the trail again each weekend.