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Wesleyan Chapel

Sunday Services suspended

Please see the announcement about the suspension of Sunday services, and plans for future events.

Present Officers

Secretary, Treasurer and Senior Steward: Rev. John W. Goulder. Th.M.


Mrs. Evelyn Lake.
Rev. John W. Goulder.

Chapel News

Before I was ordained as a minister I worked for the National Coal Board, occasionally going down local coal mines. On my first visit first timers were asked to turn off our helmet lights but not to move. It was here I experienced real darkness. It truly was a black as coal. I eventually got used to working with only a small helmet light to show the way. I am not sure that I like the dark winter days. Dark mornings and dark evenings.

Even though there are not many street lights in the villages it is never so dark that we lose our way. Even when the moon and stars are covered by the cloud there are pin points of light that light our path. Whatever difficult path we may have to travel, sickness, sorrow, bereavement, hurt, disappointment or the loss of personal peace, it is never so dark that you lose your way forever. There is a way and John the Baptist points to it. We find it in what the Bible has to say concerning the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

St. John Ch. 1. Verse 4. “In Him (Jesus) was life, and that life was the light of men”. St. John Ch. 1. Verse 9. “The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world”.

Please remember that it is never as dark as you may think. God is willing to lead you through the dark experiences of life as you put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sadly, we are not so many at the Chapel at the moment but we are praying for God’ s revival blessing. You may be a part of that revival: therefore we invite you to come along and share Worship with us.

Rev. John.

John Goulder, from The Three Parishes, October 2018


In 1818 and 1819 dissenting meeting houses were licensed so a small Wesleyan Chapel was built in Chapel Row in 1850, (now the end private house there — No 4)

In 1869 a group of Wesleyan Reformers were given land by James Cox who owned The Laurels (now Spring House). The original Trust Deed stated that the Chapel should also be used as a Sabbath school for teaching children and a small room was built on the side of the Chapel. The Trustees included Mr Fox and the foundation stone was laid on the 6th July 1869 in its present position in Back Lane.

In 1893 work began on a new school room and it was opened in 1895 and refurbished in 2006. It has been used ever since as a Sunday School with Mrs Audrey Westbury as Leader until her retirement due to ill health in March 2016.

In 1994 there were 125th Anniversary Celebrations.

Mr Robert Hitchman the author of three books recording his life and work in Souldern was one of the original members and a plaque was placed in the pulpit dedicated to his memory in 1994.

In 2009 John and Margret Goulder prepared a more detailed history of the chapel and Audrey Westbury recorded some memories of her long association with the Sunday school as part of the 140th Anniversary celebrations.