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  1. Introduction
  2. Credits
  3. Photographs
  4. Cookies
  5. Contributions
  6. Calendar
  7. Editors
  8. Licence
  9. Domain Name


The Souldern Village Website was set up at the suggestion of Souldern Parish Council. Initially (September 2015 – October 2018) the hosting arrangement was at google sites. Currently the site is hosted at github pages. The initial design and most initial content has been provided by David Carlisle, however as described below, it should be seen as a village resource and contributions are welcome.



As the site contains photographs of the Village and the Village Events, it may naturally include photographs of people connected with the village. If you object to any particular photograph being included, or object to any photograph of yourself or your dependents being included, please contact the editors and we will remove any problematic images, and try to ensure that any listed people are not included in general photographs added to the site.


The website editors have not directly written any code to set or use any data in “cookies” (small pieces of information stored locally by your web browser) however the google analytics infrastructure does use cookies. European law requires that users are informed of this fact. The site will put up a banner for you to accept the use of cookies. It is only shown the first time you visit the site (unless you clear your browser's cached cookies).


Contributions are welcome!

You may send in comments via the comment form, email, or just stop us in the street. Comments may be of any nature, corrections to the site, suggestions for future additions, or contributions of whole pages. The comment form just takes simple email text, but once contact is made, contributions can be of any form, plain text, HTML (Web) documents, Word files, PDF, pictures, etc. they may be uploaded as files, or converted to site pages by the site editors, as appropriate.

If you find yourself wanting to make regular contributions, for example regular updates for sports results, or society meetings etc, then you could ask to become an editor of the relevant part of the site.


The calendar appears on its own page and also in abbreviated form on the home page. Also the calendar is exported in a form that may be used with calendar apps in mobile phones and similar devices, so you can keep up to date without visiting the site at all. If you have regular or a one-off event that you would like adding to the calendar, contact the editors via the web form.


Github Pages (like the previous plaform, Google sites) was chosen as the hosting platform partly as it is free, but mainly as it offers a very easy interface requiring no extra software other than a web browser, hopefully this will mean that the site can easily be passed between different maintainers and it is not "locked" to software just available to a few residents.

In order to be able to edit the site you do need a GitHub account which is used to handle the access control. Initially at least, we do not expect too many people to have edit access, however contributions of photographs or other information about the village are welcome.

If you do have edit rights to the site, there are further details on the Site Notes page.


Unless otherwise noted the text and images on this website are Copyright Souldern Parish Council, and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Domain Name

The Souldern website domain is registered (via Go Daddy) by Nick Oakhill on behalf of Souldern Parish Council.

This is an alias for the site hosted on the free Github Pages service.