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A hopefully complete list of postcodes and house names in the village. Also see the House Search page.

OX25 6LR (Somerton Road)
The Lodge, Hill House
OX25 6LS (Somerton Road)
Breeze Cottage; Hill House; Barn Cottage, Hill House; New Cottage, Hill House; Lower Souldern Grounds; Tack Cottage
OX27 7HS (Somerton Road)
Inkerman Barn; Inkerman Farm; Inkerman House; Foxhill Barn
OX27 7HT (B4100)
A E Prentice, Souldern Gate; Burgess, Souldern Gate; K Scaffolding, Souldern Gate; Tollgate Cottage
OX27 7HU (Church Lane)
St Mary's Church; Rectory Cottage; Smiths Cottage; The Old Rectory
OX27 7HX (Tusmore Road)
Crooks Firs; Crooks Firs Cottage
OX27 7HY (Tusmore Road)
1, Tower Farm Cottages; Tower Fields; Tower House
OX27 7HZ (B4100)
Bear Cottage; Ploughley Cottage; The Old Stables; Yogis Cottage
OX27 7JA (The Hill)
1–4, The Turnpike
OX27 7JB (Bovewell)
1–22, Bovewell
OX27 7JB (The Hill)
Village Hall
OX27 7JD (The Hill)
Ardeen House; Argyll House; Bowling Leas; Hill View Cottage; Holly Cottage; Magpie Cottage; Mount Pleasant; Trelawne
OX27 7JE (The Hill)
Above the Well Cottage; Highland Cottage; Hill Cottage; Hillside; Oakley Cottage; Pond Cottage; Rock Cottage; The Cottage; The Rock
OX27 7JF (Back Lane)
Alley Cottage; Hollies Farm; Spring Cottage; Spring House; Wesleyan Reform Chapel
OX27 7JH (High Street)
Court Cottage; Souldern Court
OX27 7JJ (High Street)
The Old Bakery, 1, High Street; 2, High Street; Barn End; Dodgers Cottage; Mallards
OX27 7JL (High Street)
Barn House; Beech House; Dovecote; Manor Farm; Manor Farm Barn; Steeple House; Stone Haven; The Granary; The Potting Shed; Treetops
OX27 7JN (High Street)
Mullions; The Coach House; The Hermitage; The Old School; The Wall House
OX27 7JP (High Street)
Anvil Cottage; Barn House; Bulls Head Garage; Deep Well Cottage; Kenchs Cottage; Foxhill House; Grandpas Barn; Little Slam; Nutcracker Cottage; The Old Forge; Post Office Cottage; Portland Cottage; Ryleens; The Cottage; Timber Cottage; Tudor Cottage; Pye Cottage
OX27 7JQ (Church Lane)
3, Church Lane; Grannys Cottage
OX27 7JR (Chapel Row)
1–5, Chapel Row
OX27 7JT (Bates Lane)
Garden Cottage; Manor Bungalow; Souldern Manor
OX27 7JU (Bates Lane)
5 Bates Lane; Applegarth; Phoenix House; Callows Cottage; Cider Cottage; Crown Cottage; Dovecote Barn; Keepers Cottage; Greystones; Halfpenny Cottage; Home Farm House; Tillys Cottage; Littlecot; Olde Saddlers Cottage; Rose Cottage; Silver Find Cottage; Stable Cottage; Sunrise Cottage; Sunset Cottage; The Brambles; The Orchard; Westend House; Willow Cottage; Yew Cottage
OX27 7JW (Fox Lane)
1, Fox Lane; Fairview; Avondale; Fox Inn; The Swan House
OX27 7JX (Somerton Road)
Leycroft Barn
OX27 7JY
Souldern Grounds Farm
OX27 7JZ (Foxhill Lane)
Acacia Bungalow; Cheviot; Circles; Daleview; Dovetail; Fox Hill; Fox Hollies; Gibbs Field House; Pleasant View; Rosecroft; Stone Croft; Sulthorn; Sunnybank; Tchure House; Toosan; Willow House
OX27 7LA (High Street)
Cedar House; Park House; Park Lodge; Rest Harrow; Souldern House; Souldern House Cottage; St. Josephs; Appleton Lodge; Old Chapel
OX27 7LB (Mill Lane)
Hackertys Way; Hackertys Lodge; Souldern Mill
OX27 7LD (Wharf Lane)
1–4, Wharf Lane
OX27 7LE (Wharf Lane)
Wharf Farm; Wharf Farm Cottage
OX27 7LF
Souldern Manor Estate
OX27 7LG (The Paddocks)
1,2,3,5 The Paddocks; Foxglove House, 4, The Paddocks
OX27 7LJ (High Street)
1–4, The Old Stores
OX27 7LQ (Cotswold Court)
1–4, Cotswold Court