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Souldern Vision 2016

Souldern Vision

In 2016 The Parish council initiated a survey of the village residents.

It's been over 25 years since the people of Souldern have been polled for their opinions on how they’d like the village to evolve, things have changed a lot since then, which is why the parish Council is creating a Community Plan to help us shape the future of Souldern in the years to come. The plan is your chance to have your say on the things which matter most to you: what new services do you think we most need, what what do you most want to change and what do you most want to stay the same? From the really important stuff to the small and everyday this is our chance to build a shared vision for the place we all call home.

The booklet drawn up analysing the results of the survey is presented in these pages.

The original PDF document.

Souldern Vision 2016 web pages on this site.