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New Comet bus service Souldern– Bicester

posted 28 Jun 2018, 12:32 by David Carlisle

The Following community bus service will commence on Monday 25th of

June 2018 for a 20week trial. The bus will operate every Monday, making two runs into Bicester & back.  During the trial period the service is FREE to ALL users.

The service is operated by Oxfordshire County Council using their “Comet”

fleet of buses and is open to all users. Wheelchair users can be

accommodated by advising the Comet Administrator (01295 257 930) the day

1ST RUN                                        2ND RUN

10:30 – SOULDERN – OPPOSITE THE FOX PH                    11:30   


10:35 – FEWCOTT – OPPOSITE THE WHITE LION INN                11:35   

10:38 – ARDLEY – OPPOSITE WATER LANE                    11:38

10:42 – BUCKNELL – OPPOSITE THE BUS SHELTER                11:42

10:48 – CHESTERTON – THE GREEN BUS SHELTER                11:48

10:50 – CHESTERTON – THE RED COW PH                    11:50

11:00 – BICESTER – MANORSFIELD BUS STAND 1                12:00

1st RETURN                                        2nd Return

12:15 – BICESTER – MANORSFIELD BUS STAND 1                13:15

12:23 - CHESTERTON – THE GREEN BUS SHELTER                13:23

12:25 – CHESTERTON – THE RED COW PH                    13:25

12:33 – BUCKNELL – THE BUS SHELTER                        13:33

12:37 – ARDLEY – WATER LANE                            13:37

12:40 – FEWCOTT – OUTSIDE THE WHITE LION INN                13:40   


12:45 – SOULDERN – THE FOX PH                            13:45

Trial arranged by Cllr Ian Corkin.  Email:

Press Release:  For Immediate Release

Following recent negotiations with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC), two new community bus trials have been announced in the Ploughley Division.  The first will run every Monday (commencing 25th June) from Souldern to Bicester, via Fritwell, Fewcott, Ardley, Bucknell & Chesterton.  The second will run every Thursday (starting 28th June) from Mixbury to Bicester via Finmere, Newton Purcell, Fringford, Hethe, Hardwick & Stoke Lyne.

Cllr Ian Corkin commented “Public transport in rural areas remains a challenge and I was more than happy to work with both OCC and the local community to set up this trial”  

The service utilises Oxfordshire County Council’s fleet of specially adapted “Comet” buses.  The trial will last for 20 weeks and will be free to all users during that time. It is anticipated that passengers will get approximately 2 hours in Bicester.  

Ian continued “I hope the service will be well used and will open the door to other opportunities, but in the meantime I would advise everyone to make use of this free facility”