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A Vision for Souldern

Have your say in the future of our Beautiful village

It's been over 25 years since the people of Souldern have been polled for their opinions on how they'd like the village to evolve, things have changed a lot since then, which is why the parish Council is creating a Community Plan to help us shape the future of Souldern in the years to come. The plan is your chance to have your say on the things which matter most to you: what new services do you think we most need, what what do you most want to change and what do you most want to stay the same? From the really important stuff to the small and everyday this is our chance to build a shared vision for the place we all call home.

The plan launched officially in the village hall on Saturday 20th June, just before the “Souldern Solstice” event.

The questionnaire for the Souldern Vision has now been distributed to every household in the village, and some of the responses are already back with the team. If you have not done so already, please take the time to complete this constructively, as it will be used to help us shape the future services/projects and activities in the village.

The Results of the survey were presented at a meeting on Wednesday 30th March in the Village Hall (PDF poster).

They have since been published and are available on this site.

In addition to the publication of the Souldern Vision Results, there will be an exhibition and public meeting for the Souldern Conservation Area Appraisal:

Souldern Conservation Area Appraisal Public Meeting & Appraisal
Souldern Vision Community Led Plan Results

Please join us for an exhibition led by Cherwell District Council 4pm-6:30pm followed by a public meeting from 7pm-8:30pm

During which time refreshments will be served

Further information about the Conservation Area Appraisal meeting is on Cherwell's website.