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Village Hall

Changing Room Plans

Changing Rooms alongside Village Hall


The Souldern Football Club folded early in 2017, and since then the Parish Council have been reluctant to allow another club to use the football pitch/ changing rooms. There does not appear to be any enthusiasm within the village to start up a new team, and so consideration is being given to the future of the changing rooms.

They are currently in poor condition, and whilst one option would be to do nothing with them, it could be considered to be a waste of a valuable village asset.

Prior to the construction of the village hall in 1974, the village used to have a reading room. Unfortunately this was destroyed by fire in 1971. The idea put forward to the parishioners is to make alterations to the changing rooms in order to re-establish a reading room and village archive. Several members of the parish continue to hold historical information/ minutes/ slides and photographs in their attics/studies etc. It would be ideal to bring all of these together to be held in one place, and whilst scanning and archiving electronically is likely to be undertaken, many of the documents are fantastic to see in their original format. It would be a shame to lose them to a Local council store room.

Three alternative plans are laid out for the people of the village to comment on and either come up with an alternative or let us know which option you prefer.

In the plans you will note that the additional rooms are referred to as meeting rooms, these are intended to be reading rooms primarily, but not exclusively. You will also see that there is external access to a lavatory, which would be a welcome additional facility for many that use the playground.

Once we have received your thoughts, the Parish Council will make a decision on a course of action to follow going forward. Whichever path is chosen, there will be a lot to be done before we can enjoy the fruits of our labours.

Please can you make your comments either to a Parish councillor, or by email to by the 15th March 2018.


Nick Oakhill

Chairman, Souldern Parish Council


Existing Layout

Option A

Option B

Option C