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351/10 + 349/2

Upper Souldern Grounds to Somerton

Footpath map

Starting from a stile near Upper Souldern Grounds off the Bridleway from the Somerton road

The path continues up a field, crosses the private road from Souldern Lower Grounds

Passing by Hill House with good views down over Souldern Grounds Farm and the viaduct.

Entrance to the small wood over the entrance to the Ardley railway tunnel.

Initially a fenced path skirts the wood around the entrance to the tunnel.

And then through the wood marked by arrows on the trees.

After the wood the path leaves Souldern Parish and passes across open fields with excellent views over the Cherwell valley.

The path then crosses a track, and enters the next field over a fallen tree that passes as a stile into an open field.

Looking down over the railway, Somerton lock, and the Cherwell.

The course of the path is less distinct in this stretch but you can bear left to the top of the field to exit at the road junction of the roads to Souldern, Fritwell, and Somerton. (The road back to Souldern makes an easy route back.)

Or head right to the lower corner of the field to pick up a stile joining a clear path into Somerton village close to the canal bridge.

The footpath sign in Somerton. From here you can walk by road up the hill and join the road to Souldern as above or return to Souldern via the canal towpath.