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Interactive Map

The above map shows all Public Footpaths and Bridleways that start or end within Souldern (including those that just start at the Parish Boundary).

Any problems with access to these Rights of Way may be reported to Sarah Aldous, who is the County Area Field Officer for North East Oxfordshire. Alternatively, for Rights of Way within Souldern, (numbered 351/ 1 to 23) any queries of a non urgent or serious nature may be addressed to Katy Draper, who is the Parish Path Warden for Souldern. Problems for paths in Northamptonshire may be reported via a form on the Northamptonshire county council site.

Path Descriptions

Definitive Footpath Maps

The above map is based on an Open Streetmap mapping with additional footpaths, and interactive representation of the footpaths added. Every care has been taken to be accurate, but it should not be taken as an authoritative representation of rights of way. Definitive footpath maps are held by each county. Oxfordshire makes its maps available on the web, Northamptonshire does not but information is provided as below.