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Hill House to Fritwell

Footpath map

Starting from a stile opposite Hill House on the road to Somerton,

The right of way cuts diagonally across the field to an unmarked gap in the hedge along the left hand edge.

In practice, when the field has been cultivated, it is easier to walk along the field boundary.

Through this gap in the hedge into the next field.

Again the right of way is unmarked and it is easier to follow a hedge that divides the field.

Finally emerging through this unmarked gap in the hedge.

on to the bridleway looking towards Heyford This bridleway could be followed as an alternative route to Fritwell, or in the other direction, back to Souldern via the Somerton road. However this path crosses straight over into a field on the opposite side of the brideway and almost immediately over  stile in the hedge to the right.

From the stile into the next field the path is then well signed, and crosses grass fields, heading initially for the farm buildings.

Gates passing through fields alongside the farm.

Yellow footpath arrows.

After the passing through the white gate on the right cross the field heading towards the white house. (You may be followed by interested observers!)

Approaching Fritwell.

The final gate leads on to this drive.

and on to North Street at the edge of Fritwell village.

The footpath sign pointing back to Souldern, from North Street in Fritwell.

You could walk towards Fritwell and return to Souldern via the footpath to Somerton road or the road, or walk up the road away from the village to pick up the Bridleway back to Somerton road.