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Somerton Road to Heyford

Bridleway map

This Bridleway follows the ancient Portway route south from the village to Heyford, crossing the path from Hill House to Fritwell, and the roads from Somerton to Fritwell and Ardley.

Green lane

At this point a gap in the hedge marks the footpath from Hill House to Fritwell.

Approaching Fritwell.

At some farm buildings just before the Fritwell Somerton Road, the Bridleway becomes paved.

Crossing the road. At this point you could walk to Fritwell along the road and return to Souldern along the road or the paths back to the top of Foxhill Lane, or the path to Hill House.

After the road the path continues in the same line, returning to grass.

Finally emerging in a field where a wide grass path follows the field boundary.

Crossing the road from Somerton to Ardley.

The path is then concreted as it approaches the former Heyford airbase.

At the fence around a farm and industrial units at the edge of the old airbase, the main path diverts to the left and follows a short fenced section (it does not follow the drive straight on through the gates).

Alternatively, at the gates you can turn right and follow a bridleway in a straight line along field boundaries emerging at the end of Aston View Lane on the edge of Somerton village, with routes back to Souldern via the road or the path to Upper Souldern Grounds or the Canal towpath.

The fenced path around the farm units.

Resuming the original line of the bridleway, with the Heyford airbase perimeter fence to the left.

Following the perimeter fence.

Views of the airbase buildings.

After passing a track from Somerton to the (closed) airbase gates, the path is less used and greener.

Approaching the old runway, the perimeter takes a sharp right turn.

and then turns left, with the path stopping at the clump of trees ahead.

The path is then signed through the open field entrance.

Leading to this clearly marked path straight over the field towards the road.

Crossing the field to reach the road on the edge of Upper Heyford village.

The sign pointing back to Souldern, with the Heyford airbase boundary fence in the background.

You could return to Souldern by road, or join the Canal at Lower Heyford and return via the Canal Towpath.