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B4100 to Tusmore

Footpath map

Starting at the Junction between the B4100 and North Street from Fritwell, the Footpath starts at a stile adjacent to the Bridleway to Croughton.

Wide clear path cuts diagonally through the wood.

Approaching the farm.

After leaving the wood the path follows the field boundary as far as the farm.

Crossing the farm drive, this footpath sign marks the entrance to a fenced path.

The path leaving the farm.

Crossing this bridge, the path then follows the ditch to the small wood.

Approaching the wood following a ditch separating two fields.

A farm road skirts the North side of the wood.

The road turns left after the wood but the footpath goes straight through the gap

The map shows the right of way diagonally crossing fields heading towards the farm at the end of the Tusmore road, however with no waymarking and crops in the fields it is easier to follow a clear path around the field boundaries.

Approaching the Tusmore road.

The Tusmore road is to the left of this hedge. Head for the field entrance opposite the house.

The footpath joining the road junction to Roundhill farm.

Looking back towards Souldern.

It reaches the end of the Tusmore road close to the closed junction with the A43. The original route direct to Tusmore is cut off, but you can walk past Roundhill Farm to the road bridge, or return to Souldern back along the Tusmore Road, or via the bridleway from Croughton and Foxhill Lane.