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B4100 to Croughton

Bridleway map

Starting at the Junction between the B4100 and East Street from Fritwell, the bridleway heads north.

Wide green lane between hedges.

The lane then opens on the left to follow a field boundary.

With views over the field to the distinctive buildings at Tower Fields.

Approaching the road from Souldern to Tusmore.

Crossing the road, just to the east of Tower Fields farm.

After the road the bridleway drops down the hill following the hedge at the field edge, with views ahead towards Croughton.

At the lowest point of the walk, approaching a gated bridge over Ockley brook.

Ockley brook, the county boundary.

Blue Northamptonshire signs.

North of the brook the bridleway continues in the same straight line all the way to Croughton, but now with the hedge to the left.

Approaching Croughton.

Joining the road at the end of Mill lane, Croughton.

The Bridleway sign pointing back to Souldern.

As an alternative route back, this gate on the left connects to the bridleway to Upper Aynho Grounds which ends at the B4100 immediately opposite the start of the footpath back to Souldern.

The road approaching Croughton Mill

The ford and footbridge at the mill at Croughton.

From here the road is a public road joining the main road through Croughton at the edge of the village.

To return to Souldern you could return to the gate shown above and return via Upper Aynho Grounds, Or retrace steps as far as the road to Tusmore and then walk along the road to the top of the Hill at Souldern. Or for longer routes, walk up to Croughton and then left to Aynho and the footpath via Souldern church, or right to follow the road to Roundhill Farm and return via the footpath back to Souldern.