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351/3 AB8

Mill Lane to Aynho

Footpath map

Starting from Hackerty's Way Cottage on Mill Lane, this footpath forms an alternative to the bridleway to Lower Aynho Grounds.

The stile leads into a field with a path sloping down towards the brook.

The destination, Lower Aynho Grounds, is clearly seen ahead.

Ockley Brook is crossed by a small footbridge.

The view from the bridge.

Another stile with a bridge over a smaller side stream.

The path then follows this wall for the remainder of the route.

Final stile into a long triangular field, with the bridleway on the far side.

The bridleway is visible to the left of the trees.

Views towards Aynho. (Clearer if you click the image to see the full size picture.)

Approaching Ayno.

To the left, the bridleway, and ahead the road to Lower Aynho Grounds.

Rejoining the bridleway just before it reaches the farm road to Lower Aynho Grounds. The junction marked on the small post to the left of the path.

From here you can return to Souldern via the bridleway, or continue to the end of the bridleway and return via the routes suggested there.