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351/14 AB7

Aynho via Souldern Mill

Bridleway map

From the junction at the top of Wharf Lane, Mill Lane drops down the hill, passing Hackerty's Way

Approaching Hackerty's Way.

Directly opposite the cottage the footpath sign marks the start of the Hackerty's Way footpath, giving an alternative route to Aynho.

The path is paved for the whole route

Approaching Souldern Mill.

The path passes to the left of the mill, then over a small bridge over the mill race, and then a ford over Ockley brook.

At the ford alongside Souldern Mill, cross the stream, passing the start of the footpath to Aynho Wharf. Unless the weather has been very wet, the stream passes through channels under the roadway.

After the stream the path turns right.

Gently climbing the hill towards Aynho.

The path then follows a good track before reaching the farm road at Lower Aynho Grounds.

Approaching Aynho.

Looking back towards Souldern Mill. This bridleway is the paved track on the right, the footpath from Hackerty's Way cottage follows the wall shown on the left, and rejoins the bridleway at this point.

Marker post for the footpath and bridleway.

Immediately after passing the footpath, join the private road from Lower Aynho Grounds (which is to your left) but turn right towards Aynho and the B4031.

The road following the boundary of Aynho Park.

The road joins the B4031 between the M40 and Aynho village.

An extension of the bridleway carries on North, to the B4100 road from Aynho to Adderbury, but we end the description at this point.

You can return to Souldern by retracing your route as far as Lower Aynho Grounds and then via the footpath to Hackerty's Way, or by walking down the B4031 for a short way to return via the path from Souldern Mill to Aynho Wharf or the canal towpath, or walk up the road into Aynho village, and back via the path to Souldern Church.