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Souldern Mill to Aynho Wharf

Bridleway map

This path leaves the bridleway to Aynho via a stile at the end of the footbridge by the ford at Souldern Mill.

It then follows the County boundary on the Aynho side of the Ockley Brook.

Passing under the M40 via a raised path under the bridge shared with the stream under the Motorway.

Looking back towards Souldern Mill.

After the tunnel follow the field boundary again, with Ockley Brook to the left, and the Chiltern Main Line on the embankment and viaduct in the trees ahead.

Half way along the field, the track passes the end of the path from Wharf Lane.

At the end of the field, the path turns north, leaving the brook and following the railway, past the end of the viaduct.

Track heading north, with the railway embankment to the left.

The path reaches the main B4031 from Aynho to Deddington via a gate alongside the railway bridge.

From here there are several routes back to Souldern. A short walk along the road, under the bridge and over the other railway leads to Aynho Wharf and the canal towpath. Alternatively you can walk (with care) along the road towards Aynho and return via Lower Aynho Grounds and Souldern Mill. Finally, avoiding the road, you can retrace your steps to Ockley Brook to the reach Souldern via the path to Wharf Lane.