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Souldern Viaduct

Footpath map

Starting from the end of Bates Lane by The Green, this path follows the concrete road to Souldern Grounds Farm, passing under the M40 and on towards the canal.

Passing the ends of the path from Wharf Lane.

Heading towards the motorway.

Approaching the M40 tunnel.

Good for echoes!

After the M40 tunnel climbing up towards this junction in the surfaced track.

At the junction the path used to follow the concrete road through the farm, but in 2017, as announced on this site the route was changed and now passes through this gate and follows a fenced path at the edge of the grass field to the right of the farm.

Excellent views towards the Souldern Viaduct.

and back towards Aynho.

Passing the farm buildings.

Approaching the viaduct

The path rejoins the original route on the surfaced track just before it goes through the first arch of the viaduct.

Passing under the viaduct.

Looking through the “windows” in the arches.

After the viaduct the track bends around the field boundaries towards a recently renovated bridge over the Cherwell valley line.

The bridge over the Cherwell valley line.

The track then rises up the hill towards farm buildings.

The right of way ends before the farm at the gate, and continues to the right via the path to the lifting bridge.

The bridge is visible at the far end of the field.

You can return to Souldern via the path to the lifting bridge, and then follow the Canal towpath north to Wharf Farm and back via Wharf Lane, or for a longer walk, south past Somerton deep lock and then back via the path from Upper Souldern Grounds.