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Wharf Lane

Public Road map

Wharf Lane is a public road but included here as it links many of the footpaths in the village.

From the junction with Mill Lane at the end of the High Street, which is the start of the footpath to Souldern Mill, Wharf Lane drops down the hill, towards the Canal at Wharf Farm.

By a large lay-by at the end of the Manor Grounds, the road passes a stile which is the start of two footpaths back to the village, to the Green and Souldern Grounds Lane.

The view down the road from the end of the Manor drive.

Crossing the M40 motorway.

After crossing the M40 motorway the road passes the start of footpath to the parish boundary, linking to the path to Aynho Wharf. The previously hard to find stile has recently been opened out to a wide farm entrance, with a footpath marker.

The road passes Chiltern main line under a bridge in the embankment joining the two viaducts and then passes over the Cherwell Valley line via a bridge immediately before the farm.

The public road ends at the entrance to Wharf farm, with bridleway access beyond that point.

The track to the right leads over a canal bridge to the canal towpath and the path to Clifton.