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Aynho via Souldern Church

Footpath map

From the stile at the end of Church lane, the concrete road drops down to a pumping station, from there across grass fields, to a small wood where a bridge over the stream takes you into Northamptonshire, then up the field boundaries to Aynho.

Stile at the end of Church Lane.

Farm road across fields behind the Church.

Leading to this gate into a walled section of track through a wood.

Ending at the pumping station, the track leaves the road at this point.

Footpath between the pumping station fence and a small stream.

Ending in this stile leading to open grass fields.

Bear to the left slightly uphill to join the field boundary near the tree in the centre of the picture.

At this point the stile marks the footpath from path to Upper Aynho Grounds.

You could turn left over the stile to return to Souldern, at the end of the high street, or for a longer walk turn right, to the gate on the opposite side of the field following the path to Upper Aynho Grounds where a bridleway connects at Croughton Mill with the bridleway from Croughton to Souldern on the B4100.

After passing the stile, follow the field boundary towards the wood.

Entering the wood by a stile to the left of the gate.

The track crosses Ockley Brook which forms the northern boundary of the parish, and Oxfordshire.

After the brook, the track rises up the hill through the wood.

Immediately after leaving the wood the concrete track turns right, however the right of way is straight on, through the gate in the corner.

The gate with a round footpath marker, the path crosses straight over the field with views towards Aynho ahead.

After crossing the first field the path passes through the gate and then follows the field boundary up the hill.

Aynho village is at the top of the rise, just beyond the trees.

Aynhoe park to the left, deer.

A stile in the corner of the field leads to a paved path into Ayno.

The entrance to Aynho is through a stone walled lane.

At one point passing through a surprising tunnel.

The path then continues between high walls.

Ending at an old stone stile.

Emerging through a stone wall on to the B4100 at the edge of Aynho village. You can easily return to Souldern by walking through Aynho and returning on the path via Souldern Mill.