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Wharf Lane to The Green

Footpath map

Starting at a stile in the layby at the Manor entrance to Wharf Lane. Follow the same path as The path to Souldern Grounds Lane.

The clearer path heads straight over the field to a stile in the long wooden fence separating the two fields, but for this path, head to the far left corner of the field near the junction of the wooden fence and the hedge forming a boundary with the manor grounds, to find this stile into a rather overgrown group of trees.

The path here is quite overgrown, but passable with care and enters into a small wood after just a few metres of scramble.

The path through the wood is then easily passable, reaching a stile into a grass field.

A stile (with footpath marker on the field side) then leads into a long field past the stables.

Looking back into the wood.

At the end of the field a small open group of trees leads to a stile on to Souldern Grounds Lane.

The path ends at a stile onto the road by The Green, just before the gated entrance to Souldern Grounds Lane.